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Dahlgren Heritage Museum / Ira and Gladys West Exhibit

Visit the Dahlgren Heritage Museum to experience the Ira and Gladys West exhibit. Influential mathematicians who contributed to the groundbreaking work at naval base Dahlgren and Gladys West's efforts with the military and satellites to map the world contributed to developing the Global Positioning System (GPS) we now enjoy and use today.


Historic Ralph Bunche High School


Ralph Bunche High School was constructed in 1949 due to Civil Action 631 to provide "separate but equal" education for African-American students in King George County, Virginia. The school operated until 1968, when King George High School was completed and the county's schools integrated. The school was named after Ralph Johnson Bunche, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning American political scientist and diplomat. The building was registered as a national historic site in 1998, and there is now a community-based campaign led by the Ralph Bunche Alumni Association, Visualize and Rize Organization, and Advisory committee to rehabilitate the building and turn it into a multipurpose community center.


Gardening Gays


Gardening Gays are an agritourism and eco-tourism-based business and farm. Owned by husbands Dragan and Kevin, living on a 27-acre farm in King George, Virginia, in the  Northern Neck Heritage area. After years of planting vegetables and flowers at their townhome in a Prince Geroge's County, Maryland suburb just outside of Washington, D.C., they purchased their King George, Virginia farm in the of Summer 2021 to expand. They welcome all visitors to explore and experience gardening and farming on a larger scale. They share their passions and lessons in cultivating the earth and raising animals. 


Fredericksburg Area Museum  - Black History Walking Tours


Developed in association with the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc, the walking tour features stories of African-American business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Fredericksburg’s history. Led by Dr. Gaila Sims, FAM Curator of African American History and Special Projects, the tour begins in the eighteenth century with John DeBaptiste and the establishment of French John’s Wharf, continues with industrious builder Henry Deane and the development of Liberty Town following the Civil War, touches on thriving Black businesses on Princess Anne Street in the mid-twentieth century, and culminates with contemporary favorites scattered across the city. Grounded in historical documentation, archival research, and individual stories, this walking tour explores Fredericksburg’s unique contributions to the history of Black enterprise.

To schedule a private tour, please email


John Jay Wright Museum


Discover the rich African American heritage of Spotsylvania County at the John J. Wright Museum. Born out of a community's desire for better education, the museum stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of generations past. Here, you can explore a wealth of exhibits that chronicle the history of education, culture, and civic life of Spotsylvania's African American citizens. The museum's mission is not just to preserve and interpret this important history, but also to inspire, engage, and empower visitors. By exploring the complexity of our past, we can foster understanding and appreciation, and work towards building a more just and compassionate future. Come and immerse yourself in the stories of those whose sacrifices have shaped the world we enjoy today. The John J. Wright Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of African American history.

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